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Platsil Gel 00 Silicone Rubber

PlatSil Gel-OO is similar to PlatSil Gel-10 and PlatSil Gel-25 in all respects except in its Shore hardness. Gel-OO is measured on the Shore OO scale as an OO-30. It offers a 1:1 mix ratio, 6-minute working time and 30-minute demold time. It can be thickened with PlatThix for brushing, slowed down for a longer working time with PlatSil 71/73 Part R and, maybe most importantly, Gel-OO can be “deadened” with Smith’s Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener or PlatSil Deadener LV (Low Viscosity). In fact, even less Deadener is required to soften the Gel-OO and to create tacky, self-sticking appliances or super-gels. In addition, PlatSil Gel-OO  can be combined with PlatSil Gel-10 and PlatSil Gel-25 in any ratio (keeping respective As and Bs at the right 1:1 ratio) to make any hardness PlatSil Gel between a Shore A~25 to a super-soft Shore OO~30.



The system:
1A:1B (by weight or volume) platinum-cured silicone systems with 6-minute working and 30-minute demold time. PlatSil Gel10 cures to a Shore A10 hardness, But remember to create prosthetic parts you need to add the Smiths deadener to achieve the gel status.



• Soft, translucent, silicone rubbers

• Add “Deadener” to create ultra-realistic prosthetic appliances

• Fast 30-minute demold with 6-minute working time

• PlatSil® 71R Retarder slows the cure

• PlatSil® 71/73X Accelerator speeds the cure

• PlatThix thickens the mix to a brushable paste

• Bonds to Poly Plastics

Platsil silicone is a brand of platinum-cure silicone rubber that is commonly used in mold making and casting applications. It is known for its high quality and versatility in creating detailed and durable molds for various materials.Platsil silicone is available in different formulations, each with specific properties to suit different casting needs.

The silicone is typically supplied in two parts: a base and a catalyst. When these two components are mixed together in the correct ratio, a chemical reaction is triggered, causing the silicone to cure or solidify.


1. Platinum-cure: Platsil silicone utilizes platinum as the catalyst for the curing process. This type of curing system offers several advantages, including low shrinkage, minimal release of by-products, and improved stability over time.

2. High detail reproduction: Platsil silicone has excellent flow characteristics, allowing it to capture intricate details and textures from the original model or object being molded. This makes it suitable for replicating fine details in sculptures, prototypes, special effects props, and other artistic and industrial applications.

3. Shore hardness options: Platsil silicone comes in different hardness levels, measured on the Shore durometer scale. This allows users to choose a specific formulation that best suits their project requirements, whether they need a softer, more flexible silicone or a firmer one.

4. Tear resistance and durability: Platsil silicone exhibits good tear strength, ensuring that the mold can be demolded and used multiple times without easily tearing or degrading. The cured silicone molds are also resistant to degradation from chemicals, making them long-lasting and reliable.

5. Compatibility and versatility: Platsil silicone is compatible with a wide range of casting materials, such as polyurethane, epoxy, gypsum, and wax. This versatility enables users to create molds for various applications, including casting sculptures, props, architectural elements, and industrial prototypes.

It's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines when working with Platsil silicone or any other silicone rubber product to achieve the best results and ensure safety.

Platsil Gel 00 Silicone Rubber

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