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Sculpt Gel Flesh (150g)

Sculpt Gel system enables the make up artist to apply the prosthetic easily and directly to the person without creating any moulds or without doing any lifecasts.

Sculpt Gel Flesh (150g)

  • Sculpt Gel comes with three componentsA, B and C.

    Parts A and B are the two silicone components which need to be mixed together thoroughly to cure.

    Part C is purely a softener, and is clear.


    Using a clean spatula or wooden tool for each material to avoid cross-contamination, scoop out equal sized blobs of parts A and B onto a clean surface.

    You can mix these two parts together and use it as is, or add some part C to soften the mixture further.

     A palette or a ceramic tile is good to mix on, as these can easily be cleaned and reused using a little alcohol on a cotton wool pad or tissue.



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