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Ultra Cal 30

 Formulated for close tolerance tooling where extreme accuracy and surface hardness are required. Used widely in the SPFX industry to make hard, super strong precise molds. Ideal for Foam Latex molds, where durability and detail reproduction are a concern. Can be heated in an oven. (Please note that this product is not for use on skin and is NOT a life casting material. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!

Ultra Cal 30

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  • The manufacture recommended mix-ratio of Ultra Cal 30 is: 38 parts water to 100 parts Ultra Cal 30 by weight. The average setup time is 25-35 minutes when manually mixed. Please note that parts can be in grams, ounces or pounds etc. Do not mix with your hands, A paint paddle or jiffy mixer is recommended.

  • This product is for making molds of industrial patterns only. When mixed with water, Ultra Cal undergoes a chemical reaction which causes it to harden and then slowly become very hot and highly alkaline (corrosive to skin like drain cleaner.) If mixed incorrectly this process can happen very rapidly. DO NOT attempt to make a mold enclosing any part of the body using this material. Failure to follow these instructions can cause severe chemical burns that may require surgical removal of affected tissue. Dust from products may cause eye, skin, nose, throat, or respiratory irritation. Use eye, skin, and respiratory protection in accordance with good industrial hygiene practices. Read MSDS of product for specific details. 

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